To all taking the time to read this THANK YOU! To begin, I'm a total N00B to this, so any explanations outlined for children with pictures etc would be appreciated. I'm helping my dad with his HO layout and it's pretty much done, the problem I'm having is that the layout is somewhat far away, behind an Lionel O layout.

There's one master control center for both layouts but making sure the HO switches are in the right positions is nearly impossible. Given I was working with 022's for a little while it got me to thinking, "could I wire 3 lead (red/green) HO signals to Atlas HO powered switches which are also 3 lead and have them at least show me the switch was thrown?"

I didn't see anyone test this, couldn't find any literature, and I don't have any signals to try it myself. Is this possible? Is there a better way short of having to buy "Turtle" units? I'm fairly good with a soldering iron and not afraid of a little experimentation with electricity. Anyone with the parts up for a little fun experiment?