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  • I'd like to run some older (non DCC) locos on my new DCC layout.  Can I:

       A.Connect both the DCC unit AND the old transformer to the electricity (wall outlet)

       B. Shut the older transformer down when running on DCC

       B. Shut the DCC unit down when running the older (non DCC) loco(s)

       All tracks are powered.

    Will this work?

    Will anything be damaged?



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  • As long at they are not both CONNECTED to the layout at the same time you will be OK.  If they come into contact you will let the magic smoke out.

    Some people recommend a DPDT switch so that only one can be connected at once.  I prefer a plug and socket so that you have to unplug one before you can plug in the other.

    The sharing of the two systems is inherently dangerous.  Use extreme caution.


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