Conductive black paint

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Conductive black paint

  • I recently went to a model train display at one of our local libraries. The train track was O gauge with 3 rails;

    the center rail was painted completely black. I asked the display operator how it was possible for the middle track to supply power to the train engines when the rail was painted? He said that the paint was "conductive". I asked where conductive paint could be purchased...he did not know.  Can anyone tell me where this type of paint can be bought? Thanks.


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  • I think commercially made three rail track has the middle rail chemically blackened in production of the rail, rather than being painted.

    However there is electrically conductive paint out there....

    p.s. you might find more answers over on the Classic Toy Trains forum.

  • Carbon black is conductive but I think a binder needs to be mixed in to keep it in place. I have used silver paint available from electronic supply houses for painting circuitry on prototype boards and also used by persons doing electron microscope work to conduct the electron stream away from the sample being investigated.