Perhaps Kalmbach should have posted a tutorial message for each forum to explain the changes and do a walk through so as to familiarize us with it all and how to use it.

Overall, from what I see, it looks good, simpler, more opened pages to view but I can't say anything about operating or performing as yet.  For instance you go to the bottom of a post, type a reply or statement in the box, then hit reply rather than the old hit reply to get permission and ability to reply...should haved been explained.  Also before would check each new thread or subject asking to follow or not follow. Now we get small print in lower left corner to mark not to follow as an option.. Those are the only two things I've encountered so far which I think a full tutorial and announcment could have helped would avoid a lot of questions and snide comments for sure.

Change is inevitable, except from vending machines.  Especially when it comes to computer and internet programs...there are a group of nerds and marketers standing by to push the latest or sometimes just to change for change sake.  We'll see what transpires from here on.