Site Crashes Internet Explorer 8

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Site Crashes Internet Explorer 8

  • Why does this site, and only this site, constantly crash Internet Explorer 8? I've seen it mentioned somewhere before but don't recall seeing any causes or solutions. By the way, I am using Windows XP with a standard configuration, etc...

    This site appears to work fine in Firefox but I have it configured as a fortress with noscript, flashblock, adblock, etc... which tends to be too restrictive for some sites to operate properly so I sometimes use Internet Exploder. 

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  • ETA: Nevermind. The site just crashed IE8... again.

    I believe I've finally located the reason why this site was crashing IE8 and suspect that it's caused by an ActiveX control buried somewhere on this site. As it turns out, I had ActiveX blocking disabled at my router so I could perform Windows updates but forgot to reenable it.

    The site hasn't crashed IE8 since I began blocking ActiveX scripts again.