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  • Went to update my profile earlier, and noticed that you can now post an avatar. How do I accompli***his? Or is it just bogus (noticed nobody uses them)? Thanks in advance!
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  • I'm disapointed because they don't let you use your own (I have one I use on another forum).
  • This may seem like a dumb question but what is a avatar?
  • No problem. An avatar is a small picture displayed under your user name.
  • I too would like to have one, but I bet that's just for people like Bergie, and the editors of the magazines and such.

  • Although it would be nice to have avatars, I think if everyone had one the forums would become even slower. But unless you host your avatar somewhere else and not directly through the forums, then that would be fine I guess.
  • Me? I'll just settle for the brigadier-member rank of one star after I hit 50 posts.
  • Well congrats then, as your there!

  • I guess on these forums,the star system is our avatar.
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  • You can add a small pic to your signature line by using the IMG command just as you would post any other pic.

    Just size your pic to about 48 x 48 before placing it on your host.


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  • You can get free web pic hosting at andale.com.


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  • I was doing my forum thing, at Auran.com the other night, and picked up a female avatar, named Cameron, a blond, in service uniform.
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    Later, I found out, she's Cameron Dias!
  • Even with avatars, OGR pages load faster for me.
    But I like this page form a lot more.
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