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  • How do you make your signature?[?][?][?][?][?][?]
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  • Log in. On the Welcome" bar at the top of the screen, click "Update Profile." From there, you can edit your entire profile page, as well as your signature
  • how do get a picture in your profile
  • Follow the instructions I posted above, then scroll down to "Picture URL." Type in the adress, and update the profile!
  • I tried that and it didnt work.
  • Really? Weird, that's the only way to do it.
  • it worked for me...but that's just me.
  • You have to add the forum code around the picture. Using the wrong brackets they are {img} www.your{/img}

    Which, using the proper URL and code, turns into this:

    If you need more help, act like your ging to quote my post, and you'll see the way I did it for the above picture. Also if you click on the "Show forum code" button next to the quick reply box, it explains in there too.

  • I updated my profile to include a signature. However, since then, I don't see it in any of my postings. Can others see it ? If so, why can't I ? How can I see it (other than in the "preview" section) ?
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  • Wonder if it will work for me.
  • What is the forum code?
    edit it worked!
  • If you want to actually post pictures ON ur profile, follow my instructions.

    Set up an account on photobucket, upload your picture, then take the image url, and copy and paste it into your profile.

    Thats how I did for my picture of me at work.

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  • My signature hasn't shown up yet. Been on here for over a year. Just a few lines of words, no pictures.

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  • Is there any way to load pics from my computer??????[?]


  • So my picture in my sig is cut off at the bottom 2/3 rds (see below).

    How do I fix that?
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