There are a few features that would make browsing these forums easier:

1) Private messages: There are many people who post new topic entitled with the member name of the person they want to get in contact with, often because that person can't be contacted via any other mean (email or IMs). A private message button allowing us to sent messages to other members through this forum would be nice, the people get their messages when they come back to the forum. A feature that is available on most web forums.

2) Make the topics marked as read after you've actually gone and read them, it would make browsing the forums much easier. Right now, all topics stay marked as having a new post unless you actually post in them or log off.

3) A go-to-new-post button: there are so many topics, so many posts, that a button that would bring us directly to the first new post (compared to our last visit) would be great. There's a button that takes us to the last post, but that's not useful when there's more than one page of new posts.

Well, that's it for what I want [:D]