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  • I want to identify a local steam engine. How do I add a pic to my posting? Thanks Jeff
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  • put you picture on a free hosting site (for example and once it gets add to your album on the site, it will give it a url address, then copy and paste that on to your message and it should so up as a picture.
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  • I've been trying to post pictures too but all that comes up is a little white square with a red X in the center. What does this mean?
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  • Posting pictures.

    need an account somewhere eg

    when you upload a picture there you get a url eg

    You simply copy and paste this link into your message, then ad [*img] at the front of the link, and [*/img] at the end. like this but without the * [*IMG][/IMG*]

    It will come out like this  



  • My knowledge of computer terminology is horrible so can you tell me how to copy and paste the information needed? I already have a photobucket acount but I just can't seem to get over this hump.Confused [%-)]
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  • Hi. once you have your pictures on your photobucket account.The picture will be given a number.You need to write down the number of the shot that you want to post andthe easiest way is just to type it into the reply box exactly as it's given on your account.Toi get teh photo to come up you need to use the "img" tags front and back.

    example [ img]   the pictures tag number/description   [ /img]  I've left spaces between the first bracket so it does not show up as a rd "x" here. When you go to post teh shot make sure that their is no space between teh bracket and the img.

    Fire me off an email if you can't get it.


  • And now I can fianlly add some pics here. Just i'll add them from my website.
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  • What happened to the sticky for this?  Bergie did up a good description of how but it seems to have gone away.

    Anyway, try looking here:

    Hope it helps. 

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