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Anyone else had issues with Firefox and this forum?

  • Yesterday I was on Firefox and wanted to sign into the forums here on

    Firefox keeps telling me I have to unlock my username (for whatever reason), but each time I try to enter my password it is not accepted.  Even with trains sending a temporary password it will not work.

    I can enter and read any forum, but Firefox will not let me log into the forums.

    I have no problems using IE7 to get into the forums....Until recently I had no problems using Firefox.

    Has anyone else experienced this?  And is there an easy way to fix it?

    Appreciate any help.


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  • The only problem I have found so far with this forum and Firefox is that I cannot cut and paste, but maybe the forum has been set up that way to avoid overly large or repetative postings.
  • Hmm, I have no problem. I'm using Firefox version  Maybe one of your settings is interfering.

    Good luck


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