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Is this Slow or What

  • This is the slowest forum ever.  No wonder I haven't been here in a year.

    This sucks.


    I'm off to the Atlas Forum.



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  • Seems OK to me.
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  • you won't be missed, in my opinion, this forum is 10 X faster than Atlas forum, and has better layout.

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  • No slower than the old one, once everyones sig pics and avatars get cached in my browser. Downsideof more capabilities is reduced performance for people like me who can't get real broadband at any price. But that's not the fault of the software, it's how people use it.

    Outside of the obvious new looka nd feel, I don;t notice anythign different than before, including the occasional periods when the forums get 'stuck' and don't respond - and that's not my connection, it also happens when I am on from work which DOES have a high speed connection. But that happened ont he old software as well. Probably a server-side issue keeping up with the number of users.


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  •  rrinker wrote:
    Probably a server-side issue keeping up with the number of users.


    I've seen upwards of 500 people on these forums at times (granted the counter portion might be wrong, as they generally update once every 1-5 mins or so), that many simultaneous DB connections would meltdown all but the most powerful servers - I'm suprised that there have not been too many issues of "page cannot be displayed" errors caused by too many people on here at once...


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  • The problem is more likely your computer or your connection.


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  • It is much faster if you log onto Yahoo! and install their version of Internet Explorer 7.

    This is much better than before.



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