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Posting a hyperlink to another thread within this forum

  • I find that when I post links they don’t work but when I edit my reply and fix the links they work fine just by pasting the link back into the space for Url in the link form. Sometimes you just have to out smart the computer.

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    Never mind, I'm not getting it Dunce  Do you still click on the link chain thingy?


    No, don't use the chain link icon at all.  It is what is broken.

    Paste the url into the message manually then type

    "url" address goes here "/url".

    Correct.  The chain link icon works just fine with any external URL that is NOT a Kalmbach forum link.  It just doesn't work for internal links for some reason. Tongue Tied


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  • cuyama

    the above approach works fine.   But unlike other links it doesn't provide a description of what is being linked to.   In the above case, the description is the URL.

    the URL can be part of the tag following an "=" and description delimited by the tags.  replace "<>" with "[]" in following

    <url=>Kato SD9043MAC DCC/sound install</url>

    Kato SD9043MAC DCC/sound install

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  • tstage
    I wish this nagging issue would get addressed but I don't think it's a high priority with Kalmbach. Tom

    I'll second the suggestion that this be addressed in a Sticky under the General thread.  I'm sure they don't want lots of Stickies there but this is a longer term issue and would be useful for everyone, much like the post a photo info item. 


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  • If you don't feel like dealing with brackets, copy the link, go to and follow the directions to make a shorter link and copy that to you clipboard, the use the link icon



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  • A big BUMP.  This thread needs to be up front, to explain, what should be a simple process, but it's not, Huh?  to post a thread from the forums, back to the forums.


  • For some years I have used the manual method and copy and paste.

    Well a sticky might work but some never bother to check out the forums carefully.

    Some still come into the forums and post in the first forum questions for Model Railroader forums. Clearly says this is not the Model Railroader forum.

    Same thing about posting photos question with the answer in the Model Railroader General discussion forum. Some just do not bother to look around.



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    To change the appearance of your link, try this: 

    Add left bracket + "URL="+link address+right bracket. Type a description, followed by left bracket+/URL+right bracket. Omit the quotation marks.


    The URL will be embedded in the link, and the only thing that will show is the description text. Omit the quotation marks when you enter it. Notice where the brackets are.