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ZW Transformers

  • Recently on Ebay somebody had a ZW transformer at a highly inflated price that was listed as rare. I contacted the seller as to what makes it rare they responded that it was because of the build date. It sounds like nonsense and that they are trying to create a rare item. Anybody have any thoughts on this?

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  • I think you spiked it.  The seller is thinking, 'Chippendale chair at the antique store.'  You recognize, 'Old but serviceable hammer at Ronstadt's in Tucson.'

    If I was in the market for a Lionel power supply for a three-rail empire the build date would be the least of my concerns.  What condition is the power cord in?  Has anyone taken a continuity meter and checked the condition of the circuitry?  Is touching the metal case likely to zap me?  After I get, "Good, yes, no," I might glance at the manufacture date on the data plate - but not as a deal maker/breaker.

    Some years ago I found a similar item (not a ZW, but a transformer) on a LHS consignment shelf, priced above a new item of similar capacity.  One look at the frayed fabric of the line cord told me that I wouldn't touch it if it was handed to me as a gift.

    Chuck (Modeling Central Japan in September, 1964 - with real tinplate rolling stock)