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what are theBest Couplers and Truck Assemblys

  • Hi all..I need to know what are the best couplers and trucks for my trains and rolling stock I like real metal wheels and those magnetix type please i want to order about 30-50 of them Thanks Repsectfully Greg Hall...Oh and where do I look...what web sight???
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  • greg you didnt mention what scale you model in so i'm going to assume its HO scale.
    About the best coupler I use are Kadee #5, there might be several differences in my reply to the wheel sets-I prefer the Athearn Genesis trucks, these come pre-assembled in a 4 pack
    1 pack will do 2 cars, there is also Kadee wheel sets but those only do 1 car per pack also
    Lifelike has proto wheel sets that can be inserted into the plastic side frames of all HO scale models.
    As far as website there is and i think thats their site if not a search will give you the right page.
    Also if you have a hobby shop where you live get the walthers catalog for your scale. The HO scale catalog has great information including what type of Kadee couplers to use with the various manufacterers products.
    Hope this helps you out

  • Regardless of scale Kadees seem to be the best. I have used them in three scales - HO, O, and S. I have always been pleased with them.
    If you're having fun, you're doing it the right way.
  • Kadee Couplers are the only answer for HO Scale. Don't waste your money with other brands that compare themselves to the Kadee Coupler. Kadee is the standard that the other brands aspire to be. I learned the hardway. Using the Kadee height guage and their red and gray washers as spacers to keep the couplers firmly in their pockets should pretty much eliminate any unwanted uncoupling. Kadee also publishes a conversion chart so you can match the proper coupler to your rolling stock.
    As for wheels in I am using a mix of Kadee, Atlas and mostly Proto 2000 with good results from all brands.