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Grand Canyon Steam

  • Back somewhere in about the late 80's my wife and I went out to Flagstaff to visit our son and family. As a special surprise he had obtained tickets on the Grand Canyon Railway. The trip was pulled by a steam locomotive, No. 29. I wonder what information I might be able to find out about that engine, I don't even remember the wheel configuration. I have a photo but it is an enlargement and the steam from the engine pretty much hides the wheels. Thanks to anyone who can help me with this..
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  • Wildbill

    Gee - good luck !   As I come to think of it :  that must-a-been a somewhat curious experience to have a son arranging a steam trip for his dad - it would appear more regular the other way around - and possibly with the son commenting so-so about it .

    Maybe if you type in "No 29" in google ... naw-naw , guess that won't work ..



  • GCRY #29 is a 2-8-0, acquired from the Lake Superior and Ishpeming, an iron ore road in Upper Michigan.  You probably didn't notice the diesels coupled behind her tender, since they rather blend in with the passenger consist.

    A quick Google entry, Grand Canyon Railway Locomotive 29, led to a nice You-tube video, several photo collections and quite a bit of narrative about GCRY and #29.

    I haven't been in Williams for several years, so I have no idea what the, "As of August 2014," status of that loco might be.  It was completely overhauled in 2004, so should still be serviceable if it has been cared for.


  • I rode #29 in 2008. It was awesome. Heard they recently changed the boiler so it can run on "Veggie Oil" And the engineer says it makes him think of *French Fries* Its about a 65 mile ride. (One way) Or about 2 hrs. +