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No longer able to add links or pictures

  • Hi, I've been on the forums for a long time, and up until a few days ago could add "active" links or pictures with no problem. Something has apparently changed, as now I can't do that. I've tried it from both my home and work PCs so it isn't a setting with the computers, but apparently something different in the forums.

    If I try to link to a page in the MR website, this is what I get:

    As I enter it, it is underlined and looks like an active link. But when I save the post, the link stops working.

    Here's what I get when I try to add a picture:

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  • OK...well for some reason it works here, but when I try to do the links and pic on another MR forum thread, it doesn't work. O well, I won't worry about it.

  • Just a 'bump' as I'm still finding trouble with this - I can't link from the MR forums to my photos on this website. External links seem to work do links and pictures in this specific forum??