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Bachman EZ Command

  • N Scale using Bachman EZ Command.

    Instructions say you can run only two trains at tha same time.  Is this correct? If it is correct, what happens if you put a third train on the track?

    Also, instructions say you can give a non DCC loco an address of "10".  Can you give the "10" address to more than one non DCC loco?  (They would not run simultaneously)






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  • It is clumsy  but possible to run more than one train with an EZCommand.  You can run any DC (non decoder) locomotive by tuning the command station to address 10.  You do not actually assign or program it to the locomotive.  The command station uses zero stretching to operate a DC locomotive.  It may be noisy during operation and will definitely be noisy when stopped or running very slowly because it is not really giving it DC, it is giving it asymmetric square wave AC.

    You can program as many DCC locomotives to each single digit address as you like, but if more than one is on the layout at the same time they all will respond to the address.

    It is not really a good system for running multiple trains.  It is very primitive, but if you only run one at a time it will get the job done.  It cannot operate switches or activate most DCC functions on decoder equipped equipment.


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  • You would do better to post DCC questions in the DCC forum. Some user here might only watch that forum.

    Below is a link about the stretched zero bit option. A picture is worth a thousand words. Jim Banner was a contributor to the Bachmann forums.

    The Bachmann forums are quite active with a couple Bachmann reps there and many Bachmann product users.

    Also, the EZ Command manual explains everything very clearly. If a DCC systems shuts down because of too many locos, remove a loco until the controller does not shut down. The systems come with overload protection. Check the manual.

    With N scale, not a problem.

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