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Trouble trying to upload an Avatar

  • When I go to the option to upload my own avatar, a box pops up and says:

    "Click browse to select an image from your computer."

    The problem I am having, is that the highlighted field that allows you to select browse from my computer, is not then coming up.

    I have not encountered any issues with other sites in accessing my computer, to then select an avatar.

    So, is the avatar system working ok, to select an image from my computer ?

    If it is working ok, any suggestions on what I night need to do ??

    Thanks for any help here Sad

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  • I got this to work on February 2nd. Now on February 25th, 2014 the Avatar program will not work right.

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  • I finally figured out that a cropped shot from a higher resolution photo will be easier to upload as an Avatar.


    Tell people that the lower the resolution, the more likely that their image choice for Avatar will be accepted and uploaded.


    I did get the tool bar back as well.



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