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Where would I look for information on parts? I am not computer savvy?

  • I am looking for axel gear  parts for my Athearn Steam engine.. Light Mikado.. My wife is helping me look online, but we are sent to the sights that don't seem to have search capabilities. This the first time joining an online forum.. and yes, this is the wife typing.. 



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  • Welcome to the forums! Athearn doesn't carry the parts anymore, but Northwest Short Line (NWSL) makes custom replacement gears for the Athearn Mikado. You can order it directly from them, or from somewhere else like eBay or Walthers. Replacing the gear will require removing a wheel from the axle, and then making sure the wheel is properly "quartered" when pressed back on. Making a small score mark on the wheel and axle before removal can help with this quite a bit. If the wheel is not quartered properly, the whole mechanism will bind, so this is very important.

    Hope you can get your Mikado fixed!