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  • N Scale - planning river(s) on a 3 1/2 X 5 layout.  Would like suggestions on approximate width of a river on layout of this size.

    Thanks.   Sid

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  • Rather like asking, "How long is a string?"

    You could have a river half the width of the long side of your layout all the way across, and make it a home for two long bridges (and not much else.)

    You could have a wide river on one side (with a swing or lift bridge) and switch the smallcraft harbor (fishing boats) from the other side.

    At the opposite extreme you could model a glorified rain ruvulet and get it past the tracks through a soda straw pretending to be a culvert.

    If you were modeling my neck of the cactus your 'river' would be a concrete channel with a little bit of sand and trash on the bottom.  Water flows when it rains - and we have 330+ sunny days a year.  Roads and rail lines are supported by big concrete boxes in parallel rows.

    Final answer?  It all depends on what YOU want the layout to look like.


  • How long is a string?  Got to laugh and not even finish reading the statement.