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Train Terminology FAQ?

  • Hello! 

    I've always enjoyed trains and mass transit and am now at a point in my life I want to learn more about the technical aspects. 

    I love these forums and am learning a lot but often acronyms or other words come up that I'm not familiar with. Sure, I can (and do) Google each term, but I would love some kind of handy online train terms dictionary or FAQ for easy and quick reference.

    Can anyone recommend one?

    I apologize if this info is available somewhere on the forums that I've overlooked.

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  • I know there hasn't been much response, so I hope the OP has the E-mail notification in operation.

    If you go to the top of the page, above the pretty cover photos, there's a small label, RESOURCES.  Put the cursor on it and a menu opens.  about 3/4 way down is a line, RAILROAD GLOSSARY.  That should help.


  • This will also help a lot (pictures and all). It covers most Australian standard components, but generally applies worldwide:

  • Thanks, Chuck!

  • Thanks!