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Forum Posting Question for moderators - or anyone

  • Hi all:

     I joined the forum recently,and have a question regarding posting. When I reply to a post (granted,it's just a few times,so far),I get a message that my reply will need to be approved before it is posted.Is this always the case,or does this stop after a certain number of posts?I have looked in forum rules and tips,but I haven't seen an answer for this. I can understand if all posts require approval,but it would seem to make responding to a thread like "Show Me Something" - which requires a timely response - difficult. Thanks for your help.

    Mike - in smoky (cough,cough) Denver ,CO

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  • No minimum number of post it is just when I or one of the other moderators feel comfortable that you are a true RR person and we generally wait a few post to get a feel.  I think your safe so I have taken you out of moderator status - Enjoy!


    BTW:  Being from Denver area myself I understand the SMOKE reference all too well...

  • Darren:

      Thanks for the quick reply!


  • I've been offline for a few days as I have been in Golden at the Colorado Railroad Museum for Goose Fest but one of us does try to get to things as quickly as we can...


  • I hope you'll be posting some photo's of Goose Fest...Maybe in the Classic Trains Forum?