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Your Forum Discussions

  • Once I reply to a thread, thereafter, that thread shows up when I click on the link to Your Forum Discussions.

    Is there any way to selectively delete one or more of these threads so that they no longer appear when i click on the link to Your Forum Discussions?


    Alton Junction

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  • Not that I'm aware of, Rich.


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  • Thanks, Tom.

    If that is the case, that is too bad.

    On a couple of threads, I am sorry that I ever replied because now I am so sick of seeing these threads pop up repeatedly.  LOL

    I won't identify them because they are omnipresent and very popular, but as I said, I am sick of seeing them always popping up on Your Discussions.


    Alton Junction

  • Rich, if you simply go to the thread in question and click on the red "Stop e-mailing me replies to this Thread" thingy, you should be released from your bondage. Smile, Wink & Grin



  • Wayne, I wish that were true, but I don't think that is going to work because I have never clicked on the button to "Email Me Replies to this Thread".

    Once you post a reply to a thread, it apparently haunts you forever by incessantly appearing every time you click on Your Forum Discussions.


    Alton Junction

  • I have never wanted to know when someone replies to a thread in which I have participated, so I never permitted the auto-notifications.  I get no emails of that kind...thank goodness.


  • As far as the 'Your Forum Discussions' thing, it's like having a flat on the freeway, no jack, nobody stopping to help and your phone doesn't work. You're pretty much stuck with it. I stopped using the 'Your Forum Discussions' a long time ago. I also have email notifications for replies to threads turned off.

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  • I don't seem to have that problem on this forum. But I do have that problem on a boaters forum, and I could not find a way to disable it.

    In the upper right hand side of the page, click on Forum Alerts. You may be able to click NO on this forum, to disable the alerts.

  • In your Forum discussions, you can at least select newer than 3 months anyway. Maybe this may help w/ some of the past ones that keep haunting you. I don't select to follow threads or email me. Just got too crazy. maybe you're stuck w/ it like jeff mentions, but there must be a way somehow.

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