Don't be TOO Ecstatic!

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Don't be TOO Ecstatic!

  • In typical Microsoft and software industry fashion, they have released a product that doesn't even run some of its own routes properly. For example, on the BNSF Marias Pass route, near Pinnacle at the summit, the trains uncouple unexpectedly on a switch on the mainline! Many folks have reported this happening at other spots in Marias Pass, and at specific spots on other routes as well.

    Aside from this bug, Train Simulator seems to run beautifully, and represents the actual route very well. It COULD be an impressive piece of work, but that uncoupling bug ruins most of the enjoyment for me.

    It begs the question - didn't anyone test these routes with a variety of trains provided in the simulation itself?!

    Do yourself a favor - wait until a patch is out to buy this package.

    Mark B.
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  • Sorry, I love mine
  • I have had a few problems like you discribed. But nothing that I can't deal with. I can usualy go back to my last saved point and run over the same area without any trouble.
    Also this sim is way better than Trainmaster 4 and a better buy too. I like being able to see more than the track and the controls. I think that the additional info that is fed to the player through the driving aids is like what you would get from the dispatcher as to signals and when your going to be sided. In TM4 its like your running totally blind with nothing to guide you but the next signal.
    Are there problems with MS's train sim? Sure there are. But I think that we ought to thank them for acknowleging that there is a segment of the market that wants to drive something other than planes and cars.
  • I have had that problem but it is traceable to my poor train handling. However, the uncouple at Cut Bank is a bug in the system, I have been told. Anyway, it is a pure joy to operate.
  • Reading your message, I find it ironic that to the right of the screen there is an advertisement for Trainmaster.
  • Ain't it though. I'm not really putting TM4 down its just that Train Sim is the next step up in technology. I also play a lot of 1st person shooters and I know that what was the latest and greatest last year will probaly be out done this year. That's the nature of the computer tech. beast. Maybe if we're lucky TM's publishers will try to out do Trainsim and we'll have somthing new to look forward to.
  • Hi Mark,

    You're so right. I just posted the question about that lousy thing loosing the wagons somewhere on the Marias Pass track.

    Ok. Now I know that I did not pu***hat train to hard to make that couplings brake.

    Let's hope there will be a patch soon.

  • Does this sim actually have the ability to tell when you are pulling too hard? Would someone be willing to give me a list of major differences between MS sim and TM4?
  • Yep, I derail here as well. Even if I emergency brake well inadvance and slide thru at less than 10 mph, I derail. Thought it was me untill I saw the rest of these postings here.

    All in all, this program has taken me in out of the 105 degree garage working on my set to the A/C of my office to play.

  • sounds interesting...but where did you folks buy the software?..I have not seen it advertised for sale anywhere????
  • you can now buy it directly from Micro-soft. I purchased my copy from a link on
  • I got mine about a month ago from Staples for $34.95. I have seen them advertised by several major office supply chains and stores selling software. I did see an ad for as low as $24.95 after I got mine, but don't remember now whose ad it was. There is enough variation in pricing to make it worth shopping around a bit. Ron.
  • I got mine on for $45.98. Other places want as much as 60 for this game. Though I think it is worth it it's a little expensive.
  • I bought mine at Best Buy a month ago, and I have yet to derail at the bugged point, but have had other problems. (guess I got lucky at Cut Bank!) I only paid 24.95, but it's now 29.95 here. (WI) I like it, but it can be very frustrating, but very addicting at the same time !! I've downloaded skins, new engines, repainted some cars (working on CNW bi-levels right now!!), and working on a SIM of our club's layout. But there are bugs in it, so it you are computer savy, I'd wait!!