Horn or whistle sound ring tone down loads

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Horn or whistle sound ring tone down loads

  •  Does anyone know of a site where I can down load horn, bell or whistle sounds to use as cell phone ring tones?
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  • I recorded my own and downloaded to my phone. Very simple "drag and drop" through USB if you have one of the newer phones.
  • You can just use the voice recorder on your phone to capture the horn sounds....Thats what I did...And if you want some train horns go to... www.youtube.com and search anything that has to deal with trains and you can just record it from there...

    J Trane
  • The Ge website has some you can put on your phone.
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  • That would be my suggestion.
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  • How is the phone connected to the computer, is it through the headphones jack, the power connector, or somewhere else?
  • I got two horns/whistles from MSTS on to my phone.  There's a very easy way to do this.  If you have texting on your phone, send your email account a multimedia message so you have the address to send it to (i.e. 1234567890@mms.att.net for AT&T users), and then attach the desired file to the email and send it to your phone.  The address will depend on the service provider you have.  Hope this helps.
  • Or just get a program called Motorola Phone Tools for all Motorola Phones and you can do pretty much anything and EVERYTHING you want :)....I got over 50 ring tones of train horns
    J Trane
  •  alexweiihman wrote:
    The Ge website has some you can put on your phone.

     And you can find that site here:


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