Train Simulator 2

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Train Simulator 2

  • Has anyone heard about the new Train Simulator 2? It will feature two new routes: Horseshoe Curve in PA, and a high-speed route in Germany. Sounds promising.
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  • I have heard about it I even went on yhe website but I forgot what the name of it was.I'll let you know what it is when I find it.
  • do you think the AEM7 is in train-sim2?I can't make
    some activitys becales of no AEM7!
  • I hope that No2 has train runs ending in stations or yards and not just ending rail in the middle of nowhere.
  • They said it will be out this fall, but no specific date. Can't wait...

    yad sdrawkcab s'ti

  • I hope they do plenty of beta testing to get the bugs out. MSTS one was good but had too many bugs sneak past testing.
    I think Microsoft needs to look at all the add on market programs and see what direction the industry is heading. Many of us love MSTS1, would like to see more realism and real world activities included in future programs.
  • From what i heard it will come out around Oct 1 for $49.99
    For more info try
    go to to "train simulator insider"(scroll down and you will see a little banner)
    There are some links with articles and more info
    Screenshots are mostly the same on all sites.
  • The AEM is now available for MSTS. Go to There is one now in the Dl's.
    Kevin Arceneaux Mining Engineer, Penn State 1979
  • the aem is good, but it says "error trainset/hhp/coach".why? theres no sound outside! how is thet real?is there a way i can fix this? it makes great activetys!

  • For all you People who are so out of the loop it aint even funny i'll give u all the facts u need 2 know

    -game will have 6 new routes(pennsylvania steam,modern Norfolk Southern,a british route something yorkshire route, a swiss electric route with scenery 2 die for,the german deusche ag ban or something like that,anda japanese route)

    The locomotives andtrainslook much more real photos canbe seen at

    - 13 drivable locomoties
    - dynmic weather(different weather in a single activity)
    -a 360 degree viewof the cabs,all controls can be used with the mouse in the cab,flickering light from the fire,and u can stoke the fire)
    -multiple passenger car views
    -people dressed in appropriate time based clothihng ie:close from 1946 or japan or whatever and who you can see board and disembark from the train and wait at the station platform
    -same with the vehicles,who abide by all appropriate traffic laws of the time period
    -people hanging around and doing things such as digging holes
    -Working turntables and bigger yards
    -better and more user friendly editors,MSTS 1 locos and other stuff except routes and activities will be compatible
    - I think thats all for now fill u in on any new info as it becomes available

    oh yeah the simple controls will be even more simple
  • Thats some good info, thanks a lot!
    Apparently they moved the release date to FEB 02 2004 [:(][:(!]
    Am I right?
  • yes unfortunately thats true it may be even later with other setbacks from transfering the info from Kuju to Microsoft
  • If anyone wants 2 get somegood quality add ons not just stuff people made themselves and threw it on the Internet got 2 I won there American Classics add on andit is GREAT (NYC Steam,diesel and passenger cars)
    They're also making a Souther Pacifc Daylight and modeling the entire Coast Daylight Route let me know wut u think.
  • thanks
  • I hope you can go even fater than before.