I have been "playing around" with Trainz software since the 2004 version. I am now on Trainz 2012.

I am attempting to "recreate" the full Illinois rail system. There are several major problems I am running into. First, I can't figure out how to create the passenger service lines that are in downtown Chicago (i.e.m, the "raised track for Union Station" and the ground-level tracks the go underneath the raised tracks. I would also like to be able to include the full CTA elevated (and subway) rail system that runs in Chicago.

I have downloaded a couple of the Chicago layouts, but they do not help me in recreating the full rail system (especially in Chicago).

I would love any ideas and/or help in this matter that I can get. I would like to finish this project and dedicate it to a dear friend who passed away 2 years ago. (I was working on this layout for several years before my friend passed away, and lost everything I had done several times due to my computer crashing several times while working on the project.)

I am also trying to create the Illinois shoreline for Lake Michigan. I am having difficulty with the gradual "slope" for the shoreline (going from the beaches into the deeper water).

For measurement purposes, I am not doing it exact - if something is 100 ft in length, I am using 100 meters instead. (I find this is easier to work with rather than trying to convert everything from meters to feet.