Today I was called for the normal run up to Prentice today with LO11....BUT we had something at the very end of our train....We had to take a Russell snow plow up to Prentice due to the forecast of a lot of snow that will be falling within the next few weeks....So with that being said...Off we go

We pull up to the yard office and went in and got our paper work

And then headed out the door to our nicely heated up 2 WC F45's

We climb aboard our lead unit of the WC 6655

And slowly make our way out of the Wausau yard and across Townline Road

Here is the plow that we will be taking up to Prentice and setting it out up there

Our first stop is the paper mill siding here at Brokaw to set out some tank cars

We cut away from our train and pull the tank cars to the small yard they have on the other side of town

We back down the small yard to set out the tank cars

We pull out of the yard and head back to our train

With our train back together, we pull out of town and head to our next stop

Up here in Tomahawk is our next stop to set out some cars for the Marinette Tomahawk and Western

Passing the MTW's yard office we see one of their switchers getting fired up to start on todays tasks of switching

We back down to the MTW yard to set out some cars for them

Our next stop was a log loading spur up here in Bradley....This is where the Bradley Sub and the Valley Sub meet...As we hop off the Valley Sub and onto the Bradley Sub

We slow to cut away from our train to back down the log loading spur to set out some log cars

With the log cars spotted, we then took off to Prentice....At Prentice we slow as we head to the Prentice yard, but we first set off our plow by the yard office and then take our cars to the yard

With the cars in the yard...We take our power back to the plow and couple to it and park our engines and the plow on the WYE track where another crew will take care of it and do what they want with it

We then get in the cab and head to the motel till tomorrow where we will take train LO12 back to Wausau sometime in the morning