Today I was called for the CNE (CN Ballast Train Empties)

We board our train here at Junction City and on our train today we have 2 CN ES locos and 67 ballast cars, that will lead our train up to Mathy, to get a load of ballast....

To follow the rest of this train head over to here:

We aboard our train with the 67 empties and begin to pull our train off the Superior Sub and onto the Valley Sub where it will take this train North up to Mathy

At Knowlton, the train crosses the Wisconsin River

Past a boat landing here at Knowlton

Set up at Mathy, our train slows to take the ballast pit siding to cut away 27 cars to be filled

Leaving the 27 cars to be filled

We then pull the rest of the train up to Mosinee, where there is a small yard to set out the rest of the ballast cars

All tucked away in the small yard here at Mosinee, we wait for the others to be loaded up at the pit