Today I was called for train TO11...The Wausau to Prentice local...Our train today has 3 WC GP40-2's (yes a lil over powered but one was going to be
set out in Bradley for the Rhinelander local) and 5 empties and 5 loads

Our train gets on the way and crosses over Townline Road and past the Kraft Cheese plant

Coming thru the old yard

Zipping past the good ol depot

Making the bend at the north end of Wausau

Now starting to notch it out the train passes the yard limit sign for the SB trains

Ducking under Bridge Street and passing the Woodchucks baseball diamond

Passing Gilbert Park where we see some folks having a nice cook out...A shave and a hair cut was done here

Running along side the Wisconsin River

Slowing now to make the first set out of some empty boxcars and some Slurry for the Brokaw Paper Mill here at Brokaw

Coming into Tomahawk we slow yet again to make a set out to drop off an empty gond (As you can see the diamond has been taken out)

Coming into Bradley and hopping off the Valley Sub and onto the Bradley Sub he slows to set out one of the units

End of the line here at Prentice as we make a stop at the yard office to drop of some paper work and take our power across the street to the yeard where another crew will come on board and take LO12 back to Wausau later tonight

LO12 is ready to pull as soon as a crew comes on