A unique operation happend today on the WC....Today for the coal train was 2 NS SD70M-2's

We didn't get to catch the coal tain pull into the Weston yard but we did catch him ducking under a side road...What was weird that they took the coal train power and ran it lite up to Wausau...We were wondering why they were doing this

We then raced it up to Rothschild where I quick ran inside to get something to drink but when I got back out...He was already zipping past the Lignotech Paper Mill here in town

At the end of the mill we catch him ducking under HWY 29

I then pull down a side road where he pulls in at the south end of the Wausau yard...Now we know what he was doing....Here he was waiting for the SB to come in from Prentice

With the SB's train on the main...The NS power creeps back out of the yard and comes back onto the main and couples onto its train to take it south

With its train back together...He pulls hard to get its train moving again...Here we beat him to Schofield where he was at notch 8 already trying to lift its tonnage up out of the river valley

Our last shot we catch him ducking under HWY 29 again but this time in the other direction heading towards Jct City

All for now