Out shopping around today I did not plan to catch a train.....While down in Rothschild I heard a distant horn of a WC train.....Looking at my watch I see it must be the Fond du Lac to Wausau train....I get down to the viaduct to wait for its arrival.....

On the point was 2 WC SD45's with todays revenue with a nice block of empty hoppers for the 3M plant in Wausau that will be loaded

Passing the giant Weyerhaeuser paper mill complex as it skirts along side Grand Ave

Getting ready to duck under HWY 29 that runs East to Green Bay and West towards Chippewa Falls

As it goes over Grand Ave...The train starts to notch down on the throttle to slow to come into the Wausau yard

Coming into Schofield it passes the Schofield industrial park switch

Right outside the Wausau yard the train crosses the Eau Claire river....During the summer lots of high school kids love to jump off this bridge

Looking like a snake.....The train weaves itself into the Wausau yard....The WC hoppers at the bottom of the pic are on the old CNW line that ran from Wausau to Green Bay and now its the Mountain Bay Rec Trail....This part of the tracks is still here to store cars for the 3M plant or any other cars that they dont have room for in the yard....Its mainly used for these 3M cars here

Slowing to make a stop in the Wausau yard to cut from its train....We see the WC 2500 waiting to go to work...It will soon be on its way once this train gets its cars cut

Once the train has got its cars cut we then raced the local to the far West end of town where the 2500 will do its switching for the day

On the way back home we stopped by my grandparents house....But natually when I get in....A train races on by....I get outside quick and when I got out there...The lead units had already zipped on by


Random Shots

An air shot of the Wausau yard

Another shot of the 3M storage track...The garden there is full of ginseng

An exempt crossing....This would have been the CNW tracks that went out towards Marshfield

What would Wausau be without its famous ski hill.....Rib Mountain