Tonight we did a lil RR fanning around the Wausau area....Our first stop tonight was to check out the Wausau yard...When we got there we seen 2 WC trains getting ready to pull put....First out today was the local up to Prentice train 17

3 F45's stand tall at the north end of the Wausau yard to take train 17 north out of town also in the yard sits a WC GP40 to take a short train thru town to some near by industries

Train 17 gets on the way and passes thru the old west yard

Passing thru downtown Wausau with only the bell ringing...No horn can be sounded after 7pm

With the train clear of town...She starts to notch it up to lift its tonnage up out of the river valley...You can see Bridge St in the backround....Also the Wisconsin River parallel's the tracks all the way up to Brokaw

Passing thru the old Milwaukee Road yard...This used to be a 3 track yard back when the Milwaukee was in town...As you can tell by the big open space

Our last shot we caught him crossing over Jimma Creek and now picking up speed


We then went back into town to see if we could catch up to the local....We headed up town to wait for its arrival

I shot this pic cause it looked pretty cool to see the night life here in Wausau

And moments later the WC local zips on by with 2 loaded centerbeams and 2 boxcars

Thats all for now.....Till next time