Not so good of a day today in Fond du Lac as it was pretty cloudy and the skies looked like rain....Our train today was a coal train heading south out of Fond du Lac

Here is a shot of our lead power

A shot from the cab as you can see we have a red board to wait for a CN train to come passing on thru the yard

As the CN train got near....I got out of our train and did a ground shot of the 2 trains

I then went back up in our train and shot these 3 shots of the CN train

With the CN train in the clear we wait till we get a signal to go

While I was out shooting this pic...The signal turned yellow and it was time to go

A train fan was at a RR crossing waiting for us to zip on by....At the FDL yard he came up to the train and asked us when we were going to leave to let him know to get ahead of us to do a run by....and this is what he shot