Today looked like a nice day to RR fan.....Not much damage from the storm....Which is a good thing.....Well we set out to look for some trains....Once we got in the area we heard some chatter on the scanner.....It was a CN auto train that was bound for the yard on this sub....So we found a spot and set up our gear.......

Right when we got set up....Our train came screaming around the bend

The next shot we got him passing the spur that leads up to the coal load out

This is the best spot for all RR fans....You get to capture this beautiful bridge in every pic.....This is a key feature on this line....And of course the big plant in the back round

Heading down the line you can see an old track to the right that was taken out of service

Passing the entrance to Quad Graphics we are still not lucky yet to catch them switching out the plant...The tracks to the right lead up to Quad where the track that goes to the left goes to a small yard to store cars for this plant

Standing on a small hill...The CN auto train flies on by

Here we see an old track that was taken out of service a while back....They took out the diamonds and just cut the rails back some and kept them in

Stomping over the ELS diamond...We see that the ELS train is going to head out of there small yard and do some switching down the line at some near by industries

The train has spotted its cars in the yard and the train now is at the service tracks where they will get serviced and head back out to the rails later today

At thats our day.....Maybe sometime I'll just go sit by that plant and wait for them to switch it out.......Till next time :)