Well seeing that I have not posted some pix in a while....I figure I would post some 2night of a CP coal train I chased

Our trip begins where we find a CP train burried in the thick vegatition out in no mans land

With the loads in tow...The train pulls up to a crossing to start setting up its air and starts to talk to the dispatcher to get clearance out onto the main

With everything all set and ready to go....The train notches it up and starts the climb up out of the woods

With the train only doing a fast ground speed of 15mph...This train will take a long time till she hits the main line and really kicks er down...When this train went past me...Boy you could sure hear the rails stretch

Slowing up now the train is about to hop onto the main line and really make up some time

Now with the train doing some good speeds out on the main...We catch it here passing over this beautiful long span bridge behind the Quad Graphics plant....Boy talk about a BIG plant

Now we catch it here passing a road crossing and another fly by shot

Here we catch the train stomping over the E&LS diamond

As we got to the next town...The train has already beat us to the depot where a CP crew will come on board and take this train further down the rails