Well today was an unusual day for the WC....When we got up this morning we turned on the TV and a big BREAKING NEWS came across the TV....It was a train derailment up near Rhinelander.....I then thought...Wait a minute....How are they going to do the ore trains on the Pembine Sub...I then called an engineer that I know that worked out of Neenah and they said that they will be detouring one of the empties on the Shawano Sub and will be stopping at Argonne to pick up a WC crew to pilot the train down towards Neenah where it will then get on the Neenah Sub over to the Superior Sub out of Stevens Point......With this in mind....I figure today would be a GREAT day to go and see this train and chase it from Argonne down to Neenah.....We then packed up our gear and off we went.....


Here we are up in Argonne waiting for the CN ore train to make its way to pick up a WC crew member to pilot the train to Neenah....As you can see an MOW truck is getting ready to head West on where the derailment was

After the MOW truck took off we then waited for about 16 mins till the CN train finally came as it came to a slow stop in front of the depot

With the WC crew on board the train makes its way South at Argonne Jct down onto the Shawano Sub

The train creeps through the small town of White Lake

Now the train passes one of the biggest wood customers on this line here in Neopit...One day we will catch the train that works up to this mill

Our next stop is coming into Shawano....Here he is crossing the Wolf River

Now the train is passing the crew change point where the trains from Fond du Lac to Gladstone swap crews...There will be no changing crews today as this train has a new fresh WC crew on board

The train now passing one of the co-op's here in Shawano with one of the lines being taken out

We then had to stop at the CNW diamond and wait for the Wausau to Green Bay train to pass on by today there train was 2 CNW SD40-2's

With the CNW in the clear...The CN ore train heads south out of Shawano and past the 4 track yard as it hits the last crossing right out side of town

The train now ducking under HWY 29

The ore train now makes a run through a lot of smaller towns like this one here with a feed mill that the WC serves here at Navarino

Passing through the small town of Nichols

This small town of Black Creek will be soon woken up by the sound of the CN train stomping over the GBW diamond

With the train about to stomp over the diamond we then hear that the GBW train was just leaving Green Bay...We thought that next time we will catch the GBW here in town seeing that these ore trains are never to be seen here again for a long long time....Unless something happens that is

Coming into Neenah soon...The train passes one of the biggest co-op's on this line here in Center Valley

Now entering CTC at MP 352...The other part of the line is all ran by TWC

Passing over the New London Sub....We see a train coming out of Appleton and going out to New London

Coming off the Shawano Sub now and hopping onto the Neenah Sub

Coming to a stop here at the Neenah Yard the crew hops off and heads for the yard office where it will turn in for the day and a crew will cut the power from the train and take it to the fuel tracks and fuel them back up and tack them on the other end of this train and take it out on the Neenah Sub towards Stevens Point and then points on North from there....You can see some other WC power sitting around the yard as well

Our last shot for the day was a shot of some WC power getting ready to head north and up to Shawano and Neopit...The train on the left will work the industries up to Black Creek and do the interchange with the GBW and the train on the far right will work the line up from Black Creek all the way up to the saw mill up in Neopit...As for the lil switcher in the middle....His work never stops as he works around the clock kicking cars in this all time busy yard here at Neenah