Well I decided to step away from the usual trains and head out to Crawford Hill....When I got out there I stopped near this one bridge to see if there was anything coming...But when I got down to the tracks...There was all MoW stuff all over the rails....To me today was a bad day to RR fan....I went down to ask them if there will be any trains coming thru today...He said no but will be running lata 2night...So I just figured I was SOL on trains today....But what I did was followed this MoW crew around....(and yes...that truck back there is mine...I rented that one when I got out here) Here are 2 shots of the crews working under the bridge

After he got done at that spot...He took off down the rails and headed next to some signals that needed to be checked on and fixed

After he got that done...It was about lunch time...So he got in his truck and took off further down the rails back to Crawford to get some lunch...When we got there he already beat us there and I shot these 2


After that I figured I might as well go get lunch and go find a motel room for the night and come out here again 2marrow sometime to see what I can catch.......Look for more shots of this route coming soon your way :)