Almost too realistic

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Almost too realistic

  • My brother and I run Train Simulator as realistic as possible, here are some of the crazy things we do:

    We check the Weather Channel before we run every train to see the weather for the route we run on

    We start the simulation on the same exact time it would be at that real location

    If an engine wrecks, it is placed out of service for awhile

    One time (to save batteries I don't do this anymore), my brother and I ran a Nickle Plate steam excursion with my brother running the train, calling signals, while I barked orders to him with a two way radio.

    Sometimes I will print a newsletter for my virtual RR

    I have an executive train with a solid set of ATSF Warbonnet F units and lounge around in the passenger car, like a typical RR exec., and watch the scenery

    When I give a moving train to my brother, I stop the train at an area that would be good for a crew change, and then hand the train to him

    When a train wrecks, I detour trains on another route

    If there is a derailment or mudslide or anything on the prototype for the line I run for MSTS, I suspend operations on that route.

    I jump off the seat on the computer when I think there is going to be a head on and leave the controls as-is, and I watch the cars pile up.
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  • Hey dougal, were'd you get all those add-ons!? I keep trying to download a Big Boy from but it never works. Is there some other free add-on site that I don't know about?
  • All the engine's I metioned were purchased from 3D Trainstuff's ( Cajon Pass route which includes tons of engines. Maple Leaf Tracks ( aldso has great routes. I'd rather buy stuff since I don't know how to install downloaded engines that don't have a exe file in them.
  • WOW! Now I know where to go to if I need to know something about the real route.

    Something I've always wondered:
    Where ARE the crew change points for Marias Pass? I figure Whitefish but is that correct and are there others?

    And does anyone know if a model of the N&W Y6b 2-8-8-2 (or any similer N&W articulated) exists or is being worked on and where I can get it? I searched extensively for days until my time limit was up and through out as many links as possible, foreign and domestic. I've done internet searches and get nothing but historical data.

    yad sdrawkcab s'ti

  • Its Shelby and Essex. I alway make it a point to find out info about any MSTS line I get.

    P.S. Did you see the thing about the avalanche in Essex?
  • Interesting, and no I didn't know Essex had an avalanche.

    yad sdrawkcab s'ti

  • includes lessons on how to install there add-ons if you need any help learning how to download and install the add-ons.