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MS Train Sim

  • Just the sim I've been waiting for! Maybe this is a good reason to buy one of those upcoming X-boxes! (I'm Only 15.)
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  • Now that I have seen the full review I must say that I'm really impressed by MS Train Simulator. Now if I only had a computer powerful enough...
  • the X-BOX will not run this sim

    Robert Koeler
  • All you really need is a Pentium II and a GeForce 2 video card (I just bought some GeForce 2 cards from for about $210).

    Train Simulator is hot. Come and see my MSN Train Simulator Fan Site at
  • dang......

    JD McHenry
    Hazzard and Southern/McHenry Railway Museum
  • That means it is limited to 0,001 percent of the market. The card would be $1600 if you live on the Southern tip of Africa. Ouch.
  • DonĀ“t be upset , I have ran Traisim with a Pentium II and a 8 MB 3D graphics accelerator witout problems ($ 76-)
  • horacio, I just have to wait and see when it is going to reach our neck of the woods. South africa is on the wrong side of the world.
  • Leon: I also live in another wrong side of the world (Argentina, try to watch the TV news and tell me...), but not give up. Yesterday I purchase a 8MB accelerator 3D video for only $ 40-
    Perhaps in a future you can also do it.
  • perhaps one of you could explain a problem that appear's on my screen as i run marias pass? every so often the cabs of the engines disappear leaving only the 4 trucks pulling the train. only the engine bodies disappear, nothing else.
  • Might be a rendering problem with your computer. Have yo tried other lines to see if they do the same? I've had other games where if the settings wern't right with my system it would do weird stuff like that.