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How about this?

  • If any of you have heard or been to IRM, how about this idea? On Microsoft Train Simulator, I would model the entire Illinois Railway Museum. First of all, I would construct the entire mainline. Then, I would build all the sidings and wye trackage. Then, I would add the barns that house the equipment. Then, I would add the station, all the other objects, and the signals and speed limits and grade crossings. I would model every locomotive on their roster, with custom cabviews and sounds by riding in the cab with the engineer (well, only the lcomotives that operate or have been operated). I would also model some rolling stock. All the other peices of equipment would just be set as objects. Does that sound cool or what? It woulden't be that hard because the mainline isn't that big and the museum grounds are realativly small.
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  • Terrific idea, Kyle! The only negitive would be the relative shortness of the wouldn't take long to finish an activity. But still, give it a shot!