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Acela braking

  • Being fairly new to MSTS, I'm having a hoot running Acela Express trainsets up and down the NEC (using NEC v4, by the way). Trouble is, I'm not exactly sure I'm operating the brakes in the proper manner. Depending on the situation (slowing for speed restrictions, crossovers, etc.) I'm in the habit of making trainline reductions while leaving the throttle open, waiting for the air to exhaust, then reducing the throttle. It seems to work fine -- speed control is more easily manageable that way. However, the Acela power units don't have an independent brake valve, meaning there's no way to bail off the engine brakes. In the real world, applying engine brakes while having power applied can lead to sliding engine wheels. MSTS doesn't seem to take this into account on any locomotive, as far as I can tell. So am I getting away with something with the Acela, or is my manner of braking completely proper?

    Uncle E
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  • Well, the way I slow down the Acela Express is first, I reduce the throttle to 0%. Then, I put on the brakes on, but not to hard, like "self lap 40". The, when the speedometer drops to my disired speed, I release the brakes fully and then move the throttle back up to 100%. When I approach the speed limit, I either reduce the throttle and just coast or put on the brakes. So my point is that I suggest that you close the throttle before applying the brakes. It really helps.
  • Although it's unrealistic, lowering the pantograph will stop the Acela in its tracks.[:D]