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  • Just recently I just discovered a breakthrough in trainsim technology!!!........Well, kind of! If you have internet access and have either Winamp, ITunes, or Windows Mediaplayer version 9, ( all of which can be downloaded off the internet) than listen up.

    The rr radio or scanner communications play a vital role in the railroad industry. This is something that I would like to listen to while playing MSTS. Now you can...check out and listen to live RR communications from around the country. As far as I know it's FREE, but they would like donations. I am so thrilled to share this with my fellow railfans!![8D]
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  • Listening to a live railroad radio stream while running MSTS really does add a bit of "cab-like" atmosphere, as I, too, recently discovered. I've already spent quite a bit of time running Train Dispatcher 3 while listening to the stream from Fostoria, Ohio (which fits nicely with my F Tower simulation). As a recent convert to MSTS, I discovered early on that you can do the same with it. The radio chatter may have nothing to do with the route you're running, but when you're listening to the air exhausting from a brake application and suddenly hear the voice of some dispatcher or train crew member, it can be a little bit of a rush.

    Uncle E
  • I do that all the time! The NALW patch for its NS C40-9s has chatter and all newer MLT engines have chatter.