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My train Simulator

  • My Train SImulator is a 5 feet by 5 Feet GP60M Cab and the window of the Cab is 36' wide,Made from masionyte wood and Etc.It looks just like a GP60M Cab with the Desktop Control Console,I use it to watch my Cab Ride Videos.I'm planning on getting a 56' TV for the Cab SImulator so it can look like the Real thing,Instead of using a 30' TV.I wish ya can post Photos here and I would post my Sim.Not sure what Color Im gonna paint it though any thots guys on what RR I should paint it[8D]
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  • That's easy:
    UP Armor Yellow
    or Conrail Quality Blue and White
    or the BNSF Warbonnet
  • BNSF's Warbonnet scheme. RED, not ORANGE.

    And cool idea, Control-Stand!!!!!!!
  • Hey thanks guys for your repies but how do I post a pic here of my SIm any good cab ride videos someone that they dont neeed let me know
  • Don't feel alone, Control Stand, GM didn't know what color to paint a production Santa Fe GP60M, for a Chevrolet commercial, so they must have painted it black, (not a typical primer color). Now study that! Million dollar locomotive, world class production, now proven itself, (was there ever any question?), maybe two seconds walk-on non-speaking part, (UP would charge for usage -appearance royalties), paint it black! Yea, let me at it! I'd painted it Central of Georgia blue and Grey, with eagle wings!
    So, yea, you got a challenge! Chief, chief paintover, punkin', executive, who needs any other challenge(other than already mentioned)? Good Luck with it(actually, God Speed ya' Control Stand)! Control this. 68+ to 82 dergrees, 40% or less humidity, clean dry air, NO DULCOAT! Try writing down the number classes available for this item, see if you "lucky numbers" suit you! Anyway, bring screen shots! \Enjoy Your Hobby!\ACJ\Backyard\Trainz Rules!