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CP's Coal Train

  • 86* today....HOT and HUMID TODAY!!!!! Anyways....I figure I might as well go out and about and see what I can see today...Well I was in New Lisbon today just sitting bye the WYE of the Valley Sub that goes North up towards Wausau....While sitting here we heard on the scanner that train 883 from Weston (coal empties) is just out side of town and will be making a stop here at the depot to drop off the WC crew and have a CP crew come on board

    Here is the shot we got of him coming off the Valley Sub and making a stop to let the WC crew off and the CP crew on

    With the CP crew on board the WC crew waits inside the office knowing that another coal train will be coming here in a few hours the train is making good time on the flats

    Entering the siding here at Raymore to meet with train 882 (coal loads)

    As we shift our setting over to La Crosse we catch train 882 making its way past the La Crosse Amtrak Depot

    About to cross the diamond of the BNSF home rails here at Grand Crossing

    Now back at Raymore we see the 2 trains meet 883 on the left and 882 on the right

    Back at New Lisbon the 882 makes a stop at New Lisbon to do a crew change where the CP crew will hop off and a WC crew will come on and take this train all the way up to Weston

    With the WC crew on board the train heads North towards the connecting track to the WC's Valley Sub

    On the Valley Sub now the train notches out up to notch 8 to lift its tonnage up towards the river valley

    Till next time

    J Trane
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  • ok sorry about thoughs auther pics my brain wosnt working. any way, what game is that?
    I'll work on my spelling. If ya cant fix it with duck tape its not usable anymore. I'm a redneck, my spelling is a litle difreint, keep that in mind and its ok to say aint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My policy, *clearing throat* Me line-men Me no paid to think Me paid to tackle brown ball!!!!
  • Trainz 2006 aka TRS
    J Trane