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MS Trainsim vs.TM4

  • Can someone(who has both or has used both) tell me the major differences between these two sims? The recent article in TRAINS was not much help!
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  • Dear Lawrence,
    I have Both and TM4 is a very elementry program.
    If you want to try it download the free demo from the web site... TrainSim is a college level program compared to TM4 It is also cheaper to purchase Train Sim.
  • To many to name. Bottom line is that MS Train Sim has better price, graphics, and controls. Also seems to run better on my comp. than TM4 did. Train Sim does have some bugs but hopefully MS will work them out and issue some patches. Train Sim has a better level of realism. In TM4 about all you have to worry about is speeding. On Train Sim you have to not only control your speed but also minimize in train forces to keep from rough hadeling you freight or passengers. There is a lot more variety in Train Sim. Overall Train Sim is the better by even with the bugs in it.
  • THANKS, James and Robert. Sorry it took me so long to get back.