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Where is BNSF $4723

  • Nice contest, but with over 1400 trains, and bunches of miles, where can I find out where and when #4723 will be? The contest rules say that will keep a posting, but . . . where?
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  • The same problem has been buging me to. I am going to try to e-mail someone to find out. for now just try using search engines and type in something like "BNSF #4723 location" Don't try the BNSF website unless you just want to waste time and end up back here(I tried it). you could try contacting bnsf also.
  • To find the #4723, go here:

    Enter "BNSF 4723" in the search field.

    Click "Trace Equipment"

    The trace tool shows the location. As of today, 7/30, the unit is in Chorpus Christi, TX.

    Of course, this tool works for all BNSF locos/freight cars.

  • Look again Rick. That Corpus Christi result is
    from April 9. BNSF's AEI scanners do NOT send
    locomotive information to the public equipment
    trace. The only time BNSF locomotives show up
    is when they pass the scanners of railroads that
    DO send loco info to the trace, such as UP. The
    BNSF public equipment trace will be next to
    useless for tracking the movements of BNSF 4723.

    As info, when you wrote your message on the 30th,
    the 4723 was actually in Seattle, WA. Ted Curphey
    caught it heading eastbound on the Z-SSECHC
    (guaranteed intermodal, Seattle - Chicago) on
    7/31, and his pictures can be seen here: