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How do you paint locomotives/cars?

  • Is there anything on Editing Tools to paint or create locomotives and cars, or do I have to paint/create them on another program?Confused [%-)]
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  • For what sim??? MSTS or TRS....TRS I use Adobe Photoshop which works great...I don't do MSTS cars....
    J Trane
  • MSTS.
  • That I dont know....I got others that make MSTS stuff that I need....I got pretty much anything you can think of for MSTS....What is it that you need made or painted??


    J Trane
  • I was thinking of painting a boxcar marked "NABISCO".
  • Like that huh??

    J Trane
  • No, more like a modern boxcar that just has the logo on it, and maybe something like the website, too.

  • Try TGA Tool....It converts the ACE files to a bitmap then use MS Paint to edit it....

    J Trane
  • Thanks! I'll try it out.
  • How do you get the locomotive/car to recognize the .tga file.  I tried reskinning the Auran DD40X from 6901 to 6936, but it won't recognize the file.  It still shows up as 6901.