Okay, I need some help. I have a (2001) Lionel New York Central Limited passenger train with a RailSounds F-7 diesel. I have a (at least I think this is what they're called, not sure, but I know my friends refer to it as this) Mini-Z controller (the one similar to the old ZWs, but smaller), with the whistle, bell and direction buttons. I start my train on idle and the CrewTalk/CrewCom sounds work and you can hear annoucements on that you are free to go, and I've seen experts just press the "Direction" key and the train takes off, without a pause in the RailSounds. But when I do this, it pauses and the RailSounds start all over with the engine just starting up. I know this isn't supposed to happen, because I have seen others do it right. Whats wrong?