I am part of that new generation of teen modelers everyone talks about. I know many people say that the hoby is dying but I have started a model railroad club at my school. We have 13 members and many more people who wanted to sign up but couldn't just showing how much people enjoy this. I worked with many major companies to get donations for our club and some exampled are: MTH, Traintek, Testors and Caboose Hobbies just to name a few. I am also now since I blog on multiple sites ( model-railroad-hobbyist.com and rmweb.co.uk ) am working with Atlas, BLI (Broadway Limited Imports) and A-Line trains to do reviews on their products. I have yet to hear back from them regarding accpetance but they did ask for more information. I look forward to getting to know the members and here and everyone else myself.


Trainmaster247 or Keegan